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  • Being a lawyer is a job full of responsibility, not just of people but also the jurisdiction of the world. The laws are meant to be studied properly in order to defend the rights of people as well as serving the duty to the court of justice by respecting their terms and decisions. Here are the things every lawyer should know in order to serve the purpose of fighting for justice.

    The right to practice law comes with an obligation

    Having the power to practice law comes with a lot of responsibilities. Section 12 of the Legal Profession Act 2008 makes it an offence for a person to engage in legal practise unless permitted to do so by the Act. The judicial system is the third arm of the government, which helps in creating stability among the citizens to live in peace and harmony and follow common law. If a lawyer thinks that he is enjoying a privileged position in the community if he practices law, he or she should realise that you are bound follow the duties given to him to by the administration of law. He or she must always be unbiased and serve their clients before their own interests.

    Honesty to the client and the court is an absolute requirement

    The lawyer is supposed, to be honest to their clients as well as the court. Any misleading of the court is a disciplinary offence to the conduct of law. Similarly misleading the client can also result degrading the value of law and order. Lawyers can get into severe trouble if their lies become hard to deal with as the case progresses. Any misleading of the court will result in the career documents of a lawyer. But it can become troublesome if they have to defend a criminal. As their duty is to protect a criminal no matter what the truth is, a lawyer might use misleading means to win the case. It is really a choice of lawyers and their ability to keep the case balanced, so they defend their criminal client as well as also respect justice.

    The reputation of a lawyer is critically important

    critically important A client trusts a client with a good reputation for handling the cases well. Client’s interest is best served when a lawyer is experienced enough to share their interest. For a lawyer to be reputed it only takes a few good causes, and a few bad ones to lose it. If a lawyer becomes competent and trustworthy, the opposing lawyer will also listen to what he or she has to say and respect their authority. So a lawyer must act in a manner that enhances their reputation. If your actions make the clients question your credibility, your reputation comes at the stake of defending your professional career.