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 Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic (formerly knownas Panyu Polytechnic) was established in 1993 and formally approved by the Ministry of Education in 1997.Meanwhile, the college was accredited by the Ministry of Education as the onlyone state-run full-time higher vocational college under Guangzhou Municipal Government. In 2003, it was nominated as the leadinghigher vocational institution of Guangzhoucity by the Guangzhou Municipal Government. In 2005, it was granted A level bythe Ministry of Education for the education quality evaluation. In 2006, it wasidentified as one of the first 28 Model Higher Vocational Colleges in theHigher Vocational Education Construction Program by the Ministry of Educationand the Ministry of Treasury. In 2009, it was officially approved as one of thefirst batch of National Model Higher Vocational Colleges. In 2010, it wasawarded with the title of “Advanced Group of Vocational Education in Guangdong Province” by Guangdong ProvincialGovernment. More recently in 2012, Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic won the title of"Charming Campus of the Vocational Colleges of 2012".

    Located in PanyuDistrict, Guangzhou City, the hinterland ofthe Pearl River Delta, the college covers an area of 2,061 mu, with more than750 existing staff and 11,596 full-time students. There are 3 colleges, 6departments and 2 teaching sections, including Schoolof Information Engineering, JewelryInstitute, School of Art and Design, BusinessAdministration Department, Finance Department, Tourism Management Department, AppliedForeign Languages Department, Architectural Engineering Department, Electro-mechanicalDepartment, Ideological Education and Public Course Teaching Division. Among the 47 specialties, six ofthem are “national model specialties”, while nine are at the provincial-leveland 6 at the municipal level.

    Guangzhou PanyuPolytechnic has 2 State-level teaching teams, 2 national outstanding teachers,7 provincial outstanding teachers; 15 state-level, 25 provincial-level and 40municipal-level excellent courses. Since 2003, it has been awarded 30 “OutstandingAchievements in Education” at all levels: among which, 2 second-awards at statelevel, 6 first-prizes and 5 second-awards at provincial level, 2 special-awardsand 8 first-prize at municipal-level.